Terms and Conditions


Event Ticketing Terms & Conditions:

Tickets purchased through the ACMP  require  ID and  a copy of the purchase reciept to  gain entrance to any ACMP event.  The ACMP  shall not be liable to allow  entrance or refund should these not be present when  attending an event.  All care is taken to ensure guest lists are correct, however, late purchases  are  pay glitches can cause problems, please ensure your booking details are bough to  events.


Membership Terms & Conditions

All members will adhere to the ACMP code of Ethics, set out below, and which form part of the Associations Constitution. All online  applications  that are found to be invalid through supply of false information will not be refunded. Any member found in breech of the constitution or ethics of the ACMP  will  forfiet their right to membership.


ACMP members Code Of Ethics:

The Code of ethics of Members of the Association of Advertising,
Commercial and Media Photographers of Australia are governed by
the Constitution of the Society.

1. Every member is expected to uphold and dignify the status of
professional photography and refine their craft in order to provide
the best possible service to their clients.
2. Every member is expected to deal with the public and all users of
photography with honesty, integrity and confidentiality at all times.
3. All members are expected to refuse to participate in any business
practices or marketing which violates any Federal, State or Local
laws, both in Australia and overseas, or to conspire with others to fix
prices, organise illegal boycotts or engage in unfair or uncompetitive
4. Every member is expected to promote and encourage the reten-
tion of copyright in photographs by photographers and strive to-
wards a better industry understanding of the Copyright Act.
5. Every member is expected to communicate to their client clearly,
and in a businesslike manner, the Terms and Conditions of the com-
mission and explain the advantages, for both client and photogra-
pher, of usage rights and licensing.
6. Every member is expected to refuse to enter promotional photog-
raphy or commercial competitions in which usage rights are detri-
mental to the photographer, or where copyright in the photograph is
given away to the competition organiser.
7. Each member will respect the work of colleagues and never
disparage them or their work, or breach another's copyright, or copy
in any way their work without written permission, compensation or
acknowledgment, or in any way compromise the status of the profes-
sion or the ACMP.
8. Every member is expected, from time to time, to willingly share
their knowledge and skills in the photographic industry with col-
leagues and students alike, thereby improving the standards of the
profession through compassion, patience and education.
9. Each member recognises the authority of the ACMP Board of Di-
rectors and agrees to abide by the conditions set down in the Consti-
tution of the ACMP.
10. Every member of the Society, in the event of any disagreement
with another member, is expected to communicate in writing, in a
clear and concise manner, without malice or anger, to the Board of
Directors which will act as independent arbitrator. In the event that a
client is dissatisfied with the work of any member of the Society, each
member is expected to seek and respect the advice of an independ-
ent arbitrator.