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Andrew Richey

Melbourne, VIC

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advertising, architecture, fashion, people

Professional Bodies

ACMP - australian commercial and media photographers -

Melbourne photographer Andrew Richey has a creative practise that includes commercial advertising, fashion, beauty, portraiture and innovative artistic projects.  Formally trained in photography, drama and dance, Andrew has mastered the ability to create evocative and aesthetic images that explore colour, light, movement and classical composition.

Andrew’s technical skills were honed by his early experiences working in Europe creating high end, commissioned portraits of celebrities, rock stars and royalty. Based in London for three years, he trained with elite UK photographers Terry O’Neill, Ross Halfin and Brian Aris, assisting on many high profile campaigns including intimate sessions with the Queen of England and touring with countless top music groups such as hard rock legends Page and Plant, Iron Maiden and Ozzy Osbourne.

From high profile personalities to everyday people, Andrew’s down to earth attitude and ease of communication effortlessly draws out the true essence of personality in his subjects. Above all, his individual approach characterises each image with a kind of contemporary beauty that is subtle and yet extraordinary, which viewers can relate to and engage with. 

Current Clients and Campaigns:

City of Melbourne, Puma, Spalding, Witchery, Mimco, Jeanswest, Laura Ashley, Maggie T, Nine West, Seed, Politix, ABCTV, Henley Properties, T2, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. Telstra.

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