Please read through our FAQ for help on how to use the site. If you have any web support requests please use the web support form to get in touch with us after you have read through the help page.

Why is my login email different to my contact email?
You login email is used to send you newsletters, payment receipts and renewal reminders. Your contact email is used on your profile for people to contact you. Often it is wise to use a different email for publishing on the web, to limit spam
I need to change my login email
If you no longer have access to your login email and need to change it to receive email notifications, newsletters and receipts please contact ACMP to have your account details ammended. 
I am having trouble logging in. Is it me?
Sometimes the site gets quite busy, sometimes your details are entered incorrectly.  If you have checked all your details and been unsuccessful please contact ACMP with the details of your browser, version and operating system so we can work out how to solve the issue. Please note acmp office hours are Mon, Wed & Friday.
I am not sure if my payment went through?
Payments for memberships & events can be disrupted by time-outs or issue with your own internet connection. If you received an email receipt from us you can be sure your payment has been received.

If you paid online with us and didn't receive a confirmation page or email after your entered your credit card details please contact us via the web support form.

If you paid via paypal, check the transaction history in your paypal account to see if it was processed. If there is no record in paypal and you haven't received emails from us or paypal regarding the transaction, you payment wasn't received.
My account has been suspended?
Your account and public profile will be suspended if you forget to renew your membership. You will  be sent a series of reminder emails, prior to and 1 week after your membership expires. After the expiry date you can still login and pay your renewal fees, which will give you full access. If you believe your account has been suspended in error please contact ACMP via the web support form.
I didn't get my membership renewal email?
Is your login email still up-to-date? Check your spam folder? You can still login and renew which allows you to pay. Once you have done this your account and public profile will be re-instated.
I want to cancel my membership
You are free to cancel your membership but no refunds will be available for cancellations. If you wish to cancel please contact ACMP.
Why does my profile image look squashed?
Size your profile image to 220px high by 140px wide before you upload for the best results.
I recieved an email telling me my membership needs to be renewed. Is this spam or real?

Most likely real! You will be reminded to renew your ACMP membership by email 1 week prior to your renew date. The email will be sent by Please ensure you keep your contact details up to date and notify us if your login email changes - this is different to the contact email in your profile.

If you are unsure if the email is spam, don't click on any links, login to ACMP and in "my profile", you can see your membership expiry date. If your membership has already expired you will only have access to renew it online - you won't be able to access any members only content until you renew.