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    Social Media and Networking – The Fog is Clearing - ACMP

    24 September, 2012

    As a photographer, you're part of an overwhelmingly large community.  Flickr alone claims 60 million, albeit not all professional, and then PhotoShelter hosts 70,000 professional photographers and then you only need to look at Getty which incorporates iStock before the numbers become mind-boggling. Whatever the specific stats, we can safely say there is a lot of competition for business amongst p

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    Social Media for Photographers, One Photographer's Approach - Gemma Carr

    29 July, 2010

    *How critical is social media/marketing to your photography business*? Photographers are busy people. So too are our clients. More so than ever before we have an abundance of information available to us at the click of a mouse. It's always evolving; full of opportunity and at times, a little overwhelming. As you can see, the modern day photographer is a busy one indeed. Running a successful ph

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