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    Tools of the trade – (You know when you are getting old when…..) - Gavin Blue

    04 November, 2010

    Most of my current equipment geared towards efficient location work. It all needs to unpack and pack quickly and efficiently. For corporate portraits I often provide different variations and one is often a plain white paper background. I used to tape and untape the background between shoots which tended to damage the paper. I found a simple way to keep the paper tight on the roll as well as protect it while in transit.


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    "On Assignment" shooting an inspiring woman with Gavin Blue - Gavin Blue

    17 July, 2010

    I love the variety of subjects I get to shoot on editorial stories. A recent shoot was for the Women's Weekly, for images to include in an article written by Erin O'Dwyer. The story was about Muslim women wearing the Burqa and how European countries have been debating the banning of the Burqua.

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