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    Contra Band - Michael Roach - iRelease

    06 August, 2010

    If you have been following the news over the last couple of days - chances are you would have read about the unfortunate situation that American indie band Vampire Weekend have found themselves in.

    Now faced with legal action and the possibility of paying millions in damages due to intellectual property infringements, this is another great reminder for all professional photographers the importance of model release forms. Additionally, it provides an interesting example of how digital media and the internet is making it more important to obtain release forms to protect your work.


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  • HoyneSydneyPropertyFinders201001

    "On Assignment" shooting in the rain with Rhiannon Slatter - Rhiannon Slatter

    06 August, 2010

    Shooting in the rain.........

    I was recently approached by Andrew Hoyne (Hoyne Design) to take a series of 3 images for use in the rebranding they were undertaking for the company Sydney Property Finders.

    The job involved shooting three locations, building types which represented different parts of Sydney Property Finders' business - Residential, Commercial 


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