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    Orphan Works in Australia - Australian Copyright Council

    11 April, 2010

    In the UK, the ACMP's sister organization, The AoP has recently been instrumental in unifying the Photography Industry to debate and lobby legislators with the UK Digital Economy Bill. They were successful in having a critical clause on Orphan works dropped.

    Please read the extracts and links published with permission of the Australian Copyright Council on Orphan works in Australia.

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  • TA Website

    Tourism Australia "Nothing Like Australia" Really - Julian Watt

    11 April, 2010

    Back in 1998, after many years hard lobbying by the ACMP & AIPP, the Federal Government changed the Copyright Act, finally giving Photographers rights over their own images. Although a stellar victory, the battle for our rights did not end there. Generally, most of our clients, including government and quasi government bodies, have come to terms with the concept of copyright and licensing of images however Tourism Authorities, both State and Federal, seem to have it in for photographers.

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  • iPhone

    Tools of the Trade - Your 2nd Assistant - Gavin Blue, ACMP President

    09 April, 2010

    The iPhone is a great device that is offers excellent support for the working pro.

    Amongst the 150,000+ apllications that are available through iTunes, I thought I would write a little about 3 applications that are proving very useful and 1 that possibly will make one of our more tedious tasks incredible simple.

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  • GBlue100408D3

    Great Night at "Language of the Lens" Floortalk - Gavin Blue, ACMP President

    09 April, 2010

    The ACMP's first floortalk of the year was a great success. "Language of the Lens", which featured Melbourne based photographers Mauro Risch and Michael Kai discussing their careers, their lives and how they ended up in Australia, was enjoyed by over 40 guests. Each of their paths was fascinating. Michael discussed his time growing up and studying in Germany, which included time in the arm

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