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Appointment of Brian Katzen as CEO

24 March 2014

Appointment of Brian Katzen as CEO of The Association of Australian Commercial and Media Photographers Ltd, (ACMP). Melbourne, AUS – The current board of the ACMP would like to announce that Brian Katzen has been appointed CEO of The ACMP, effective 12th of March 2014.

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Resignation of Sacha Walters

12 March 2014

Resignation of Sacha Walters, Administrator of The Association of Australian Commercial and Media Photographers Ltd, (ACMP). Melbourne, AUS – The ACMP would like to announce that after nine and a half years, Sacha Walters has resigned as Administrator of The ACMP, effective immediately.

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About ACMP

Australian Commercial and Media Photographers (ACMP), established in 1991, acts as a united voice for Australian professional working photographers.

The ACMP is committed to the development and promotion of professional photography. It provides members with an understanding of the more complex issues of professional photography such as copyright re-usage, contracts, tax, legal protection, digital imaging. insurance, standard terms and conditions.

The ACMP sets industry best practices through publications such as the Better Business Bible, Photography Competition Guidelines and Architects Guide to Copyright

The website is a rich online resource for members across the country with a large library of ACMP seminars, photographer interviews and industry forums.

The ACMP has a membership of approximately 400. Together with the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP) it represents around 2,500 photographers in Australia.

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Members Blog

  • ACMPlogoSwishOnly7

    Who owns the copyright for the words "Professional Photographer", "Food Photographer", "Brisbane Photographer", "Sydney Photographer" or any generic SEO word to find a photographer?

    22 October 2013 - ACMP

    A few months ago the ACMP was alerted to a worrying trend befalling not only several of our members but also the professional photography community at large. We recieved a letter insisting a member be reprimanded for plagerising another photographers biography. The suggested terms in breach were "Commercial Photographer", "Food Photographer" and "Melbourne Photographer" all things that any self re

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  • RN104Main18 73215

    My Storage Solution

    21 October 2013 - ACMP

    Run out of hard drive space?
    Too many external USB drives lying around?
    Can't back up properly any more?

    Recently Lisa Saad had the above 3 scenarios all at once and had to find a solution for her storage problems. It looked like she was about  to connect yet another drive to her MAC and she already have 4 drives connected plus another 5 portables floating around so adding another drive was not a solution she was looking for plus she had another issue...............


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  • file event2

    Refined Spaces at Momento Pro, with Wassim Bazzi, Judith Caignet and Wacom

    21 October 2013 - ACMP

    On Tuesday October 15th I went to the Refined Spaces event run by *AIPP & ACMP* at the* Momento Pro *offices in Chippendale. I found the tickets were very well priced for industry & non-industry members with 25 people crammed in we were at capacity!  First up, there was a colour management demonstration run by *X-rite *and David Crowther, which I found really informative and useful. David ta

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